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What are the common questions we received from inquiries?

  • How to connect my device to the vehicle?

There are 3 wires from the device(red,black, orange). It only needs the 2 wires (red and black) for it to work. Connect the red wire on the positive polarity connection to your vehicle and black wire for the negative. The orange wire is for advanced user, this wire was supposedly to be installed by an electrical specialist in vehicle.

  • How far I can track my vehicle?

You can track your vehicle online using the mobile app. Anywhere.

  • Is it ok if my tracker be splashed with water while washing?

Yes. the device is 100% water proof. Just keep in mind that the screws on the cover should be tight after installing your simcard.

  • What happens if the device was disconnected or removed by a thief?

It will send a notification on the application on your phone. Or you can set the device to send an SMS once it gets disconnected. instruction can be found on the manual included

  • How to login to the GPS application?

There is a 10 digit serial number that you may use to login to the app. Multiple devices acquired may need to contact us for them to have their group account (1 account, with multiple devices monitored) send email at

  • How many days can I check on the route history replay?

You can check and track the routes 30 days past on where the vehicle travelled.

  • Will it work if there's no signal on the area?

Of course it will not, but it will reconnect and keep you updated again once the device have detected a signal.

  • What simcard can I plug in my device?

Any simcard will work. it has a minimum of 3g signal capability. 4g simcards will also work from the device.

  • Do I need a top up load on the simcard?

No. You don't need a top up to be able to track online. It is 100% free to monitor your vehicle. You will only need to top-up your simcard to prevent it from getting expired. Once you top-up, the load balance will not be used unless you requested an SMS message from the device.